What is TenMen?

Ten men is a programme designed to assist the unemployed Men of South Africa to find work – hope and motivation. How ?
  • Projects
  • Organisations adoption
  • Mentorship

  • Projects

    TenMen will facilitate and hire a team of TenMen for your project – they will have a team leader on hand to communicate between the project manager and the workers. The workers will be fully supervised – work in TenMen overalls – have lunch provided to them – transport from their collection point to the project and back – no cash issues for the project managers – the team leader will facilitate payment with the men.
    Some areas of labour include:
    Labourers, gardeners, bricklayers, tillers , plumbers, handman etc.

  • Adoption

    TenMen website is in development and aims to facilitate the employment / control and feedback of a handful of men that the organisation adopts and supports. To have 1 assistant / contact person at an organisation hat monitors the men’s capabilities/ strengths and feedback.
    The online system captures details/ feedback / and experience as well a supplying contact details. Orgs are given a direct link that they can promote and help advertise their team giving employers the opportunity to provide feedback.
    2 strikes and you out – the systems allows for notes to be kept for each worker where the Org can control and align feedback of the workers. The system is a facilitation scheme – not a liable service.

  • Mentorship

    TenMen not only facilitates courses to improve handy skills in the work place however they have a mentorship encouragement plan where Men are encouraged to work smarter – harder – aim for referring and repeat customers – taught the ethics of a good freelance worker – running their own service company – expansion all coupled with personal growth and improvement where hope and encouragement are given in abundance,With the enlisted help of organisations around the country TenMen can grow and multiply giving hope and employment to thousands of men around the country – training and empowering them to be better employed workers. To take the small jobs they can get and grow on that base – to encourage and respect the organisations that support them and become dynamic helping hands in the community helping where and when needed bustling with the hope and encouragement they receive.

People all over the country recognise that unemployment is an issue and if everyone can chip in and do their little bit the employment rate will fall – use turn key donations to help more people all over the country. To give a working platform an assistance to the organisations that want to assist and take workers on.


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