Introducing TenMen – A Labour Team Facilitation Initiative

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to TenMen, an employment initiative based in South Africa, where we aim to facilitate in the hiring of a skilled team of workers. As an organization, frequently in need of various projects completed, we understand that the task can be somewhat tiring and trying in many areas. Perhaps you cannot seem to find just the right group of workers who are properly skilled for your project. Perhaps you have problems with contractors getting to and from your project site. Perhaps payment is an issue.

Well, this is where we come in!

TenMen’s professional teams will be selected based on certain criteria and accurate records are kept of their work history and employment capabilities from your own TenMen page. We operate with the assistance of a team leader who will handle the payments of workers after a job is completed and who will supervise your team of ten men for whatever job it is that you require – whether it is plumbing work, gardening, bricklaying, building, or painting.

In order to make your organization’s life simpler, we also ensure that all workers receive a packed lunch and have reliable transport from the collection point to your job site and back again.

This probably sounds very appealing, doesn’t it!

Well, what’s more is that we also provide the materials to aid you in training and support for all your workers, allowing them to receive the proper motivation and assistance they require in all spheres of working life. Together we will encourage good work ethic, foster personal growth, and nurture positive life improvement through our initiative.

With unemployment in South Africa being such a huge problem, we have established TenMen to provide a solution to this problem – to bridge the gap between employers and workers – to provide support and allow you, as an organization, to help out a team of men in need of employment.

With your support, we know that we can make a huge difference in the lives of many men all over the country and the positive outcomes from our joint efforts will be far reaching.

Please join TenMen today to get your own page and adopt your team of workers.

Together, we can help to build a better, brighter future for many South Africans!


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